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What are the benefits of our dog training?

  • Guaranteed results.
  • Your dog will learn where it is most familiar, your home.
  • You will learn practical skills to eliminate problem behaviors.
  • We use scientific methods for real results.
  • Your dog will learn to respond to your first command.
  • Your dog will have increased confidence to handle new situations.


Free Training Evaluation

This two hour session will introduce you to the concepts of dog training.  We will discuss how dogs are motivated , why using a rewards based system yields the best results and show you how these principles work for your dog and family. We will also discuss methods you can implement today to begin solving problem behaviors.  We will also discuss exercise and our beliefs on good nutrition.  This will also give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have with regards to your dog and our training techniques.


Basic Dog Obedience I

This six week course has been designed to teach the owner and dog the skills necessary for basic dog obedience.  This course is intended for puppies from 8 weeks and older.  It is also a great starting point for all dogs that need an introduction to better obedience.  You will learn how to teach your dog through fun games and positive motivation.

We teach the following behaviors/commands in this course:

Focus:  This teaches the dog to focus on you for the next command.

Sit:  Your dog will learn to sit on the first command and to stay there until you are ready for him.

Down:  Your dog will learn to down on the first command and to stay there until you are ready for him.

Loose leash walking:  This will start teaching your dog to walk calmly with you without pulling on the leash.

Come:  This will teach your dog to come to you directly.

Place:  This will teach your dog to lay on its’ bed until is is called.

This course includes:

-6 50 minute private lessons

-Homework assignments

*Proof of current immunizations is required.

**The cost of this course is $699.

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