Get Your Kids Involved In Training

The first thing kids should learn when they are involved in training is, how to reward the dog. We have this game we play with families. Let’s say, the dog is in a down stay on his bed. Every time the parents say “Good dog”, it is then the child’s job to calmly dispense the food reward to the dog. This accomplishes several things: the dog learns that the adult’s voice will move the child and it teaches the child to learn how to calmly approach the dog, which in turn will lead to the dog respecting your kids.

Second, I would teach the kids to say “Good dog” and then dispense the food as well.

Next, I would let the kids learn something like leading the dog to his place on leash and tell the dog to go on his bed and stay.

I think it’s important to start off nice and slow, when involving children. With pre-teens and younger, I don’t put the responsibility of telling the dog “No” on them. That is solely the adults’ job. I also don’t allow children to punish the dog with the leash, however they can discipline the dog by withholding the food reward.

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