Get Ahead Of Your Dog’s Jumping

Lately, I have been dealing a lot with dogs, who jump.
How do you deal with and get ahead of that behavior?
When your dog was a little puppy, jumping was so rewarding, because jumping all over the litter mates and even the mom, is what dogs do.
Then the dog moves into a human household, where jumping is frowned upon.
One of the things I do with my puppies is, hand feed them. I am very careful to lower my hand to the ground, so that they will not jump up to get the food. I also, in my head, count to three, before I open my hand to dispense the food.
This is a powerful technique, but correct timing is very important.
Another way to teach your dog not to jump is to throw pieces of food on the floor. Make sure you don’t throw the food in the air, as this will encourage your dog to jump up to get the food.

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