Free Dog Training

Howdy, Everyone!

Sometimes I forget to mention to you guys all the different ways that you can get help for you and your dog. So, I’ve decided to make a list so that way you can make the most out of your training with your dog. If you end up following me on these pages, I’d invite you to come back often so that way you can stay fresh with what you have already learned plus the new things that I’ve learned since then. Helping families raise happy reliable dogs is my life’s passion and I’m so appreciative that I get to share that with you!

Facebook- I share stuff in here all the time. From quick one minute tips to some of the longer videos that I make. I also share my Virtual Reality dog training videos here that give you an immersive look into dog training and can help re-live some of those training moments you’ve had with me.

Longoriahaus on Facebook

Facebook Events – This is where I share social events that you and sometimes your dog can participate in. You will find my weekly Q&A show here. You will also be able to find pack walks and find out information about the competitions that Gabby, my German Shepherd Dog, compete in.

Longoriahaus Facebook Events

Instagram – This is another place that you can find quick one minute videos that cover the topics that are helpful for you and your dog. This is also where I post pictures from our training sessions that I capture with my big camera. I also do Instagram stories so that way you can keep up with what I’m doing on a daily basis from moment to moment.

Longoriahaus on Instagram

YouTube- This is my home for all my longer videos and the place to get the best experience for my Virtual Reality videos since you can enable the video to allow you to put on a headset. I may not have told you, but very soon, you will be able to watch my VR videos in 3D. This will bring you a whole new layer and its a very amazing experience relationship. I hope to have these videos available for you soon.

Longoriahaus YouTube Channel

Twitter- This is a place that you can connect with me and send me a quick message. I talk about things other than dog training here too.

Your Alexa enabled device- This is my newest way for you to engage with me. I have two skills, skills are apps for your Echo device, that will help you raise your dog. The first skill is “Al’s Dog Training Tips.” This is by far the easiest way to get my daily tips without ever having to pick up a device. Once you have enabled the skill on your device, simply say, “Alexa, what’s the news,” and then you will hear a fresh dog training tip. I have a new one minute tip every single day.

Al’s Dog Training Tips Skill

I also have one more skill, “Al the Dog Trainer.”  I am most excited about this skill. In the skills current state, you can ask me to call you back, ask for my contact information, and the biggest feature, you can directly ask me a dog training question. When you ask me a question, I immediately receive it and then I then I will create content around your question. I answer many of those questions on my Live show on Wednesday nights at 8 pm CT. In the future, when you ask a question to this skill, if I have answered it before, then you will hear a meaningful answer to your question. How exciting is that?

Al the Dog Trainer Skill

If you are wondering if there is anything you can do for me, I would ask you to engage with me and share my content.  Your engagement and shares are the lifeblood of my company and mean so much to me!

Thank you so much for allowing me to work with you and your family to help you raise a happy reliable dog!