Foundation Leash Walking

Enjoy Your Walk With Your Dog

Is walking your dog stressing you out?  Do you walk your dog at odd hours to avoid meeting people and dogs? Is your dog pulling your arm out of your socket?

In our Private Leash Walking program, you will be taught how to train your dog to walk politely next to you on a slack lead.  You will learn how to communicate with your dog that being by your side and not pulling on the leash is important to you. We will demonstrate the steps that it takes to accomplish this and then coach you through how you can create this for yourself too!

In the second session will take an extended walk through the city to give your dog exposure to the real world and how to become successful there.  You will learn how to become an advocate for your dog and set boundaries to continue to reach your goals.

This course includes:

– A training collar

– A treat pouch

– 2 75 minute private lessons

– Homework assignments

*Proof of current immunizations is required.

*The cost of this course is $399.

*No refunds will be made after the start of the first session. No exceptions.

**This program is not designed for dogs exhibiting any aggressive behavior. While the majority of misbehaved dogs will benefit from this program, there are some dogs, such as those struggling with severe dog reactivity, that will require a more intensive training program. We will inform you during your first session if your dog requires more intense training. In such a case, Longoriahaus will provide you with a full refund for the Leash Walking foundation program and will recommend the appropriate program for your dog.

Refund, Cancellation, and Rescheduling policies

Our Service Area

We offer training in most neighborhoods around Houston.  Typically, it is a 20-mile radius from downtown.  It can be further in certain circumstances but not all.

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