Follow that Rabbit

By Al Longoria

Using your dogs desire to play and chase things is one of the best ways to engage and interact with your dog.  One of the other wonderful benefits of engaging your dog into play is how it can effectively cut the rate of bad and unwanted behaviors your dog will give you.  Many times the solution to chewing on furniture, nipping at heels, jumping on people, and many others will be resolved without having to give your dog a correction for those unwanted behaviors.  Our favorite games to play with our dogs include tug as well as a chasing game with flirt pole.  Many dogs that have learned the flirt pole game will actively seek you out to play with it.  This a great time to teach the dog some obedience skills.  I routinely ask our your dogs to look into my eyes and follow my face.  When they do this I mark the moment and then begin the play.  Try this out with your dog.  Remember, it can be any toy that your dog likes.  Now go out and have some fun.

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