Earning A Dog’s Trust

Not all dogs are going to give trust freely. Some dogs are fearful of different things in the environment.

I met a pair of dogs a couple of days ago and one of them was terrified of me. We put a leash on the dog and the dog literally had a panic attack right in front of me. It was a sad thing to see. To help a dog overcome fears, you have to be good to them and know, who they are. You have to understand, what makes your dog uncomfortable, for example loud noises, other dogs and so on.

People have this dream of taking their dog to the dog park and a lot of dogs enjoy it, but some dogs are not meant for dog parks. I came across a person, whose dog got attacked at the dog park. A lot of people were advising that person to take their dog back to the park and they did. Their dog was heavily traumatized.

Building trust with your dog can be done in many ways, but it is important to know, who your dog is and treat them as an individual and then love them in their individuality. Help them be the best version of themselves.

You can hand feed your dog, play games with your dog, pet your dog etc. All those things are good, but equally important are boundaries. That way a fearful dog can learn where safety begins.

Patience and mercy and being clear are ways to help earn your dog’s trust.

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