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What To Do, If Your Dog Misbehaves At Daycare

If your dog is truly well behaved at home, but misbehaves at daycare, then it is probably time to fire your doggy daycare. I don’t mean to be hard on the daycare, but if they can’t handle your dog, who is otherwise fine, then maybe the daycare employees just are not trained well enough. You […]

Your Dog Will Do Anything For This Food

Instead of using treats, I like using different varieties of “Red Barn” rolls. I like the beef roll a little bit better than the chicken and the lamb, because it sticks together more and does not crumble, when you cut it up. The “Red Barn” rolls are a high quality dog food and they offer […]

# 1 Rule To Remember When Potty Training

You don’t want to just let your dog run around the house and then catch them, when they pee in the house. You also don’t want to allow the dog to have around the clock access to food and water. This might be a little tricky, when there are multiple dogs in a home and […]

My Dog Is Very Timid. What Can I Do?

Dogs are timid for different reasons. A lot of people think, dogs are timid, because something happened to them, prior to arriving at their home. I don’t disagree with that, but I think, sometimes genetics are at play. It is not necessarily a bad thing for a dog to be a little timid around humans. […]