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Training An Aggressive Dog

Working with aggressive dogs is a lot of liability for us. We put ourselves on the line to work with aggressive dogs. The cost of training an aggressive dog is not going to be a few hundred dollars, but more between one thousand to three thousand dollars. Just to be clear on my process in […]

How Do I Control My Giant Dog?

When you are trying to control a large dog, please don’t put a harness on them. A dog who already pulls on leash, will pull even harder with a harness on. Wide collars on a large dogs will also make it more difficult to control the dog. I would try a martingale style collar instead. […]

How Do I Teach My Dog Not To Potty On The Rug?

If your dog has already gone potty on your rug, you need to do a really thorough job cleaning it, to get the smell out completely. Your might even consider hiring a professional service for that. If the dog can still smell it, then it’s like a signal to the dog, to go potty there […]

How Do I Keep My Dog From Counter Surfing?

How do you stop your dog from counter surfing, getting into the trash, jumping on the couch etc.? I have come across this device called a scat mat. It’s a plastic mat, that has a wire run through it and is connected to a 9V battery. If anything touches it, canine or human, it sends […]