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How Long Should A Training Session Be?

How long should a training session be for an adult dog or a puppy? For an adult dog, a training session that requires the dog to focus, could be anywhere from ten to twenty minutes. If you are teaching something new, five to ten minutes is probably a good amount of time. When teaching a […]

How To Keep Your Dog Inside The Fence

Having your dog escape from your yard is a pretty scary thing. The first thing I recommend is, make your yard a fun place for your dog. Be out there with your dog, whenever possible, and play. Every morning I go to my backyard with my dogs and we play their favorite games: fetching, tugging […]

How To Train Two Dogs At The Same Time

There are a lot of ways to do this. One way is, to get another family member involved. I always encourage all members of the household to get involved with training the dog or dogs. Don’t make it too complicated for yourself. When training, try to simplify the skill and don’t put too many rules […]

When Is My Dog Allowed To Come Off His/Her Place?

That is a frequently asked question. When you have done place training with your dog, you have taught them three things: Being on the bed with all four paws is great. Being in a down position on the bed is better. Getting off the bed without being prompted results in being put back on the […]

How To Teach Your Dogs To Get Along

For many years we have had up to three German Shepherds in our home. What keeps them from fighting are the rules we have. None of them gets to initiate play inside the home. The reason for this is, that I want my dogs to learn, that the inside of the home is a calm […]