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How To Get Your Puppy To Go To Sleep At Night

You need to wear your puppy out. That does not mean, that you take your six month old puppy on a two mile run. If that is you, please stop it! You need to find ways to physically and mentally wear your dog out, if you want them to sleep all night. When we get […]

How Do I Get My Dog To Focus On Me?

This question came from a person, whose dog had taken off running and would not come back. My first piece of advice is, that you have your dog wear a leash inside the home. My next recommendation is to hand feed the dog. I find a treat pouch very helpful for this. You can measure […]

How To Get Your Dogs To Get Along

How does one teach their dogs to behave, when they are together? The first thing, that I want you to teach your dogs, is the place command. You will need an elevated bed and show your dogs, how valuable it is to be on there and even more so when they are calm and lying […]

How To Get Your Dogs To Get Along

How Do I Crate Train My Dog?

I have clients, whose dog really struggles with crate training. When I am dealing with dogs like that, I try to break things down into steps to help the dog. It requires time and patience but is well worth it. We started out by folding down the front and back of the crate and creating […]

How do I crate train my dog?