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When Should My Dog Wear A Prong Collar?

  There are a lot of instances, where a prong collar is useful. I am using a prong collar with my dog Gabby to create more precision in our heeling. The 2 1/4 mm prong collar, made by Herm Springer, is a fantastic tool for teaching the dog precision in heeling. I would not recommend […]

How Do I Train My Dog Not To Bark?

This is a very common question and there are different strategies in approaching this. Some trainers recommend bark collars or pre occupying your dog with something else. I always like to ask a question, when people are trying to get rid of a behavior, that is natural to the dog. In this case: Why is […]

Three Reasons Why Your Dog Pulls On The Leash

The first reason I can think of is, that we let them. We put the leash and collar on them and we let them pull. Here is a tip for puppy owners: use a cheap little harness instead. When they are little, I let them pull me everywhere, but only with chest pressure. That way […]

How Do I Build Confidence In A Small Breed Dog?

Small breed dogs can be notorious for being territorial and fear aggressive. You might be out walking and a little Schnauzer or Chihuahua might come at you and pretty aggressively nip at your heel and then turn around and walk away. That is NOT confidence, that is fear aggression. Being territorial is a defensive behavior, […]

How Long Should A Training Session Be?

How long should a training session be for an adult dog or a puppy? For an adult dog, a training session that requires the dog to focus, could be anywhere from ten to twenty minutes. If you are teaching something new, five to ten minutes is probably a good amount of time. When teaching a […]