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Clicker Training – How, Why And Why Not?

I like clicker training. Clickers are a very powerful tool. You can, of course, also use your voice and one of the advantages of that is, that you always have your voice with you. The advantage of a clicker is, that it always sounds the same. Our voices will have different levels of excitement and […]

How Do I Teach My Weimaraner To Be Calm?

If your dog is knocking over your one year old child, then your dog probably doesn’t know the rule about being calm inside your home. How do you teach a Weimaraner to be calm? It all starts with having a leash on the dog. Personally, I like using a slip leash. The next step is, […]

What Can I Do To Help My Anxious Dog?

Anxiety really means, that the dog’s mind is engaged in the future and anticipating that nothing good can come of the situation he is in. It’s a serious issue and I have seen some severe cases of anxiety. I have seen dogs in wire crates tear up their faces, tear up their paws… Anytime that […]

Communicating With Equipment Instead Of Words

The training tools you use are the conduit to communication with your dog. When I start training a dog, I am very quiet. I recommend that you discover the food your dog really likes and then put the dog on the left side of your body and begin to feed your dog. The dog will […]