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When your dog meets a new dog…

  When your dog meets a new dog, things can get tense.  It’s not always easy.  How are you to know if the other dog wants to play?  How do you know if the dog is aggressive?  How do you if the other person wants you to meet their dog? I want to help you find a practical […]

When your dog meets a new dog

Getting your dog to behave in public

Getting your dog to behave in public

People often tell us: “My dog perfectly behaves at home, but when we are in public, it’s a different story.” My first question would be: “Do you know how to communicate your expectations and intentions to your dog?” We tell our clients, that we want them to imagine, what they want their dog to do. […]

Why a clicker is helpful

When you condition the clicker the proper way, it will affect your dog as follows: When the clicker goes off and the sound hits the dog’s ear and brain, the brain will release dopamine. This is advantageous, because if you are 10 – 20 steps away from your dog, it will take you a few […]

“Fluffy! Here!”

Coming when called or “Recall” is an important obedience skill. Initially, I teach this skill in a very controlled environment, without any distractions. First, your dog needs to learn, that when you call his/her name, they are expected to make a 180 degree turn and come to you immediately. Your dog should come all the […]

Place Training/Setting Boundaries

Place training is one of the most important obedience skills and in my opinion a great starting point. You will need a leash, some food and an elevated dog bed. The reason I recommend an elevated bed over just a regular dog pillow is, that it will help the dog to understand the boundary more […]