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How To Stop Your Dog From Nipping At Your Face

With a lot of my clients I insist that their dog wears a leash inside the house, if they have the expectation of “talking” to their dog. When I see, that a dog gets excited and my hands are occupied with something else, I literally stand on the leash. This prevents their upward mobility. If […]

How To Prepare Your Dog For Canine Good Citizen Certification

What are the different components of the Canine Good Citizen Test? There are ten components: 1) Accepting a friendly stranger 2) Sitting politely for petting 3) Appearance and Grooming 4) Walking on a lose lead 5) Walking through a crowd 6) Sit and down on command and staying in place 7) Coming when called 8) […]

Understanding Punishment And Being An Effective Leader

What is punishment? Punishment is anything that we do, that reduces the rate of a behavior. What is a behavior? It is anything that you can see your dog doing. A behavior occupies space and time. The real question is, how to define punishment as a leader. When I come into your home, I give […]

Teaching Your Dog To Sit

There are different ways a dog can sit. Observe your dog and you will see, that either the front feet are going to back up to the back feet or the front feet are going to stay in and the back end is going to swing forward. The first is called a “rock back sit”, […]