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Introducing Your Dog To Company

The way I introduce my dog to company is through place training. If your dog has not learned the “place” command, then that is were I would start. Place training comes in so handy in many different situations. If you want to skip ahead a little bit, then have the dog on a leash and […]

What Is Reward History?

To help explain or understand, what reward history is, let me give you a couple of examples, before we apply this to the dog training world: Let’s say, you are planning a vacation and it’s still a ways away, but looking at the pictures of your destination and planning the details makes you smile and […]

Dealing with your dog’s temper tantrums

Getting through a tantrum is hard. I have seen dogs throw tantrums when I first put a leash on them for years. So many people become worried about their dog when this happens and it’s actually a trap. If you apply pressure to the leash and the dog throws a tantrum and you then release […]

Basics of Potty Training

Potty Training is a big issue for all dog owners, whether they have a puppy or an adult dog. Cleaning up messes inside the house can be very frustrating, time consuming and also expensive. When clients ask for help with this issue, I ask the following question: “Where specifically in your yard or on your […]

Socializing Your Dog

Socializing your dog does not mean taking your dog to a dog park and letting him/her play with a bunch of other dogs. As much fun as that can be, it’s really not teaching your dog anything. Bringing your dog around another dog or person should involve leash skills, the skill to stay and teaching […]