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My Rottweiler Puppy is Destroying my House

My Rottweiler Puppy Is Destroying My House! Help!!!

I cannot imagine what it’s like, when a dog destroys sheetrock in your house, eats door frames and breaks doors. Well, to be honest, I can imagine, because, over the years, my dogs have destroyed things in my house. The root cause is, that they are bored and unsupervised. I always tell my clients, not […]

Correcting Your High Anxiety Schnauzer To Create Calmness

One of the things people often do with their smaller dogs is picking them up and petting them when they are anxious. That is actually counterproductive, as it reinforces the state of anxiety. Instead, the dog needs to be corrected or punished. That may sound harsh, but it will help the dog understand, that anxiety […]