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Dealing With Puppy Biting And Mouthing

Getting a German Shepherd Puppy is an adventure. They are very mouthy dogs. I know this, because I raise and train German Shepherds. Initially, I am very tolerant of their biting, up until they are about six months old. I wear a Hoodie, that covers my arms and even my hands, that way, when they […]

Get Your Kids Involved In Training

The first thing kids should learn when they are involved in training is, how to reward the dog. We have this game we play with families. Let’s say, the dog is in a down stay on his bed. Every time the parents say “Good dog”, it is then the child’s job to calmly dispense the […]

Adopted A Rescue Dog? Be Mindful Of This!

I have a lot of love for the rescue community! They do such amazing work. I have seen them deal with dogs, who are injured or have medical issues or have been mistreated. There are a couple of things I want you to consider, when you call your dog a “rescue dog”. The last day, […]

Behaviors Are Changed By Emotional Consequences

Here is a piece of fundamental information that comes into play anytime you are trying to change any behavior in your dog: Behaviors are changed by emotional consequences. All that means is, that if your dog experiences any one of a spectrum of emotions after a behavior, it will form a memory. In addition, if […]