Destroying Your Dog’s Anxiety

The definition of anxiety is, anticipating bad things and becoming nervous about those projected things. Humans are not the only ones dealing with anxiety. Dogs, as well as many other creatures, do too. As humans, we have a lot of different ways to get a handle on anxiety. We can train our brain to believe, that something good might happen instead. That would be the definition of hope. Hope is the way to defeat and destroy anxiety once and for all. How do you achieve this with and for your dog? The answer is training, of course. When you train the stay command, you gradually have the dog stay in a place for longer periods of time and you are gradually destroying the dog’s anxiety, because good things happen, when the dog is calm and obedient. If your dog is anxious and destructive when you leave your home, then you need to show your dog how to be calm in your presence first. The dog needs to practice calmness and stay in a place when you are home, as well as control his/her emotions. Lack of doing so, will lead to frustration and maybe even slight discomfort, versus comfort and pleasure.



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