Dealing With Puppy Biting And Mouthing

Getting a German Shepherd Puppy is an adventure. They are very mouthy dogs.
I know this, because I raise and train German Shepherds.

Initially, I am very tolerant of their biting, up until they are about six months old. I wear a Hoodie, that covers my arms and even my hands, that way, when they nip or bite, I’m indifferent to it. I also wear heavy duty cargo pants, because I want I want to be resistant towards the puppy’s biting and avoid getting hurt.

In the early stages, I want to teach the dog how to appropriately bite. I use a rubber ball, that I can stuff with treats and also a flirt pole with a leather rag. Those toys help redirect the dog’s biting.

When your puppy is about six or seven months old and still bites you, it’s time to tell your dog “No”. In addition, you need to find out, what frustrates your dog or makes him uncomfortable and will want him to do it less.
With my dogs I use a prong collar to give a correction.The dog bites, I say “No” and give a quick pop with the leash.

Puppies do need to satisfy their urge to bite, so please don’t correct your dog, unless you are providing an outlet for them.

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