Dealing With A Territorial/Aggressive Dog

If your dog is treating you poorly, by becoming aggressive with you, then you need to ask yourself, what you might be doing, that is fostering that type of behavior. The softer you are with your dog, the more the dog will try to dominate you. That may not be the case with every dog, but certainly with most dogs. Loving your dog is wonderful, but loving a dog, who is aggressive towards you, can be perceived as weakness.

To get this under control, you need a leash on your dog and a muzzle. If this is too challenging for you and you are afraid, then you need to call a professional, such as myself and we can help you to get started. The way I look at it is, that people hand me their very challenging dogs and it’s like a jar with a very tight lid. I have to use technique to loosen that lid and then I pass the jar back over to you.

Longoriahaus Dog Training is a dog training service in the Kingwood, Humble and Houston, Texas area. Longoriahaus Dog Training can help you raise a happy and reliable dog.

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