Correcting Your High Anxiety Schnauzer To Create Calmness

One of the things people often do with their smaller dogs is picking them up and petting them when they are anxious. That is actually counterproductive, as it reinforces the state of anxiety. Instead, the dog needs to be corrected or punished. That may sound harsh, but it will help the dog understand, that anxiety is a behavior that he/she needs to do less. The first training tool to help you with this is the leash. Pressure from a leash can help calm the dog, but obviously, there is technique involved. When the dog becomes calmer, you release the pressure. You could do that by having pressure on the leash and asking the dog to come to you. The moment the dog starts moving towards you, release the pressure. I recommend about 30 to 50 repetitions of this. You will see, that the leash is going to start having a calming effect on your dog. With a highly anxious dog, it is of great importance to teach the “place” command. Again, this can be taught with pressure on the leash, when the dog gets off the bed and reducing pressure when the dog is completely on the bed. The back and forth of “pressure on” and “pressure off” will help calm the dog. This can be used for other behaviors, such as whining, as well. Personally, I like using the remote collar and if you are not familiar with that training tool, I recommend that you watch some videos and get some information and education on that. It is important to then reinforce the calmer state that your dog will achieve.

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