Common Items Poisonous to Dogs



This list is not intended to be all-inclusive and should only be used as a quick reference.  Your Vet or the Pet Poison Help Line ( 1-800-213-6680) should be immediately consulted if you suspect your dog has ingested a poisonous substance.


Follow these simple steps in the event you believe your dog has been poisoned:

  1.  Remove your pet from the immediate environment so it is not poisoned further.
  2. Check your dog’s breathing; try to keep the dog calm.
  3. Collect any information regarding the potential poison.  This information will be vital when calling your Vet or the Pet Poison Hotline.
  4. Do not induce vomiting or administer any home remedies unless directed by a professional.
  5. Call your Vet or Pet Poison Hot Line immediately.  Don’t wait to see if the dog develops any signs or symptoms of being poisoned – this could be a waste of valuable time.


  • Common Food Items that are POISONOUS:

Alcohol, apple seeds, apricot, avocado, bread dough, caffeine (coffee, tea, espresso beans), cherry, chocolate, garlic, grapes, gum (may cause blockages or contain Xylitol), hops, leafy greens (specifically: potato leaves, rhubarb leaves, tomato leaves), moldy food, mushrooms, mustard seeds, nuts (especially macadamia), onions (including chives), raisins, salt, Xylitol (non-caloric sweetener often found in gum).


  • Common Food Items that are SAFE for your dog:

Apple (fruit only NO seeds), strawberries, green beans, carrots, bananas, blueberries, lettuce, spinach, watermelon (SEEDLESS), peanut butter, cooked squash, popcorn, sweet potato.


  • Common Plants that are POISONOUS:

Aloe vera, Amaryllis, Azalea, Bleeding Hearts, Bluebonnet, Chrysanthemum, Clematis, Croton, Day Lily, Elephant Ear, English Ivy, Eucalyptus, Fern, Flax, Geranium, Holly, Hydrangea, Kalanchoe, Lantana,  Mother-in-law’s Tongue,  Peony, Philodendron,  Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Rhododendrons, Sago Palm, Tulips & Hyacinths, Yucca.


  • Common Household Items that are POISONOUS:

Acids, alkalis, batteries, detergents, fireworks, fluoride, Gorilla Glue, hand sanitizer (ethanol), matches, mothballs, pine oil, super glue, tinsel.


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