Calming Your Anxious Dog

The first thing you need to do with an anxious dog is, bring down the adrenaline level. You also need place training and that means, an elevated bed and a leash.

When a dog becomes anxious, you then use the leash to put the dog on to the place and relax the leash. You want the dog to come off the place, so you can lead the dog back on to the elevated bed. Do this as many times as needed. Patience on your part is a requirement. Exerting the dog this way, will help the dog calm down.

The mechanism of the leash being tight and relaxed actually sends a calming message to your dog’s brain.
When the dog calms down, you can begin to pet him. Initially I will just put my hand on the shoulder of the dog and I can literally feel the dog’s muscles relax. Then I slowly move my hand along the dog’s back. This is important, because fast short strokes when petting an anxious dog, builds up anxiety.

This process needs to be repeated daily for as many times as you can. This will help your dog to have hope and be less anxious.

Once you have brought the adrenaline down, it’s not a bad idea to feed the dog in a down position, as you are massaging the back.

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