Behaviors Are Changed By Emotional Consequences

Here is a piece of fundamental information that comes into play anytime you are trying to change any behavior in your dog:

Behaviors are changed by emotional consequences.

All that means is, that if your dog experiences any one of a spectrum of emotions after a behavior, it will form a memory. In addition, if the emotions are pleasant, then the dog’s brain says “Do this more”. If it’s unpleasant, then the dog’s brain will say “Do this less”.
There has to be an emotion on the other side of a behavior to help your dog understand, if it’s right or wrong. One of the things we do, that actually may confuse the dog, is talk.

Be prepared to show your dog, what you want or don’t want. Have the leash on your dog, to apply pressure when your dog jumps (unpleasant), have food to give to your dog to reward good behavior/obedience (pleasant).

It is important to be prepared and to also have a plan for what your dog should or shouldn’t do. Most of the time, we only identify the behaviors we don’t want and not those we do want.

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