About Al Longoria

Al Longoria with Fritz, his German Shepherd Dog.
Al Longoria is a dog trainer based out of Houston, Texas.  He has a passion for teaching and helping other people have the same relationship he has with his three German Shepherd Dogs, Jasmine, Fritz and Beau. He has been involved in training working dogs for nearly a decade and has owned and been around German Shepherd Dogs his entire life. His first memories of this wonderful breed go back to his early childhood and a dog named Capi. He was always very gentle but ready to play. Capi gave his life protecting the home from would-be robbers.

Even though Al has a large interest in German Shepherd Dogs, he trains and works with all breed of dogs.  Al enjoys watching the growth that each of his clients and their dogs undergoes as they train with him.   Al has made it a point to understand the psychology of learning theory and how that applies to every breed of dog. This is one of the reasons he is sought after to teach private citizens as well as students in animal-related schools.

Al is a Texas A&M Aggie.  He majored in genetics, as well as being a member of the Corps of Cadets and The Aggie Band.  Before Al began his carer as a dog trainer, he worked in many different capacities in the restaurant business, including waiting tables and finally owning a restaurant in the Houston area.  Much of his experience at Texas A&M and the time in the restaurant business has helped Al become a coach for people of all walks of life.

Today, Al is President and Training Director for the Bayou City Schutzhund Club. He is also a member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America – Working dog Association and holds Club level protection helper certification.