German Shepherd Dog: 7 Little Changes That Will Make A BIG Difference

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7 Little Changes That Will Make A BIG Difference With Your German Shepherd Dog

1. Exercise

It’s almost a favorite saying at Longoriahaus Dog Training but, it’s so very true…”A tired dog is not a chewing or destructive dog.”  Exercise can tire a dog to the point they no longer have an interest in chewing things they shouldn’t, digging where you don’t want them to or otherwise annoying you while you try to relax.

2. Brushing/Grooming

They aren’t called German Shedders for nothing!  Left un-brushed, a German Shepherd can shed enough in a single day to start a small family of dust bunnies.  By spending just a few minutes a day brushing your German Shepherd you can significantly reduce the amount of fur around the house and the health of your dogs coat by spreading the natural oils from the skin to the fur.

3. Diet

Finding the right food for your German Shepherd will likely require a few rounds of trial and error.  German Shepherds are known for their finicky digestive tracks and allergies.  However, the quality and content of your dog’s food will impact not only their immediate health concerns but their long term quality of health, the look and feel of their coat, their temperament, how frequently they require water and….even how often they pee or poop!

4. Routine

Establishing a routine for you and your dog with contribute to your life together.  Believe it or not, dogs know generally what comes next in a daily routine and look forward to that predictability.  Feeding, exercising and playing according to a routine conditions your dog to anticipate time spent together and will encourage you to be active on days when sitting on the couch is more enticing!

5. Training

German Shepherds are active, intelligent and occasionally head strong dogs.  With a little training your GSD can become a well behaved companion that is an enjoyable family member.  By focusing on specific training goals, your German Shepherd can achieve more advanced obedience and even IPO titles.

6. Interaction

German Shepherds enjoy being members of your family.  They thrive on attention and inclusion in the family unit.  Without the family connection, you may find your German Shepherd developing some undesirable behavioral problems.

7. Crate Training

Dogs enjoy a safe place removed from daily activity in which to nap or hang out when they aren’t feeling well.  Some dogs even like having a place to go when their owners are away.  German Shepherds have a tendency to chew (typically whatever is available if a toy or bone isn’t around) when they are left alone out of boredom or fear.  Crate training is the answer!  Once your dog becomes accustomed to a crate he will have a safe and secure place to be and you can rest easy knowing your dog won’t be chewing on the antique piano or new pair of shoes you just brought home.

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