7 Compelling Reasons Why you Need Dog Training

7 Compelling Reasons Why you Need Dog Training

A German Shepherd dog in a sit waiting for more work to come his way.

Have you been wondering how to improve the quality of the relationship between you and your dog or correcting some of the destructive and irritating behaviors he has developed?  Did you know a professional dog trainer could help you achieve that and so much more?  Here are a few reasons to consider professional dog training:

1) Safety: Training your dog to come when his name is called is enough to save his life. The ability to call a dog and have them immediately come to you makes many everyday situations more enjoyable and safe for you both.

2) Curb boredom: Training can be mentally exhausting for a dog and will likely tire him faster than regular exercise. A tired dog is not chewing, digging or otherwise destroying things he shouldn’t.

3) Confidence Builder: As you practice skills with your dog you begin to build a working relationship with one another. This will help build your dog’s confidence.

4) Socializing: Exposing your dog to new people and dogs better prepares him for exposure to others in everyday situations. Walking through your neighborhood or having a friend visit the house can become easier and less of an ordeal for both you and your dog.

5) Improve Companionship: Training your dog will make him a better companion through your mutual ability to communicate. You will learn to express to your dog what you want him to do and you will learn to read what your dog is trying to communicate to you.

6) Enhanced Pleasure from Pet Ownership: Through training, you will learn to correct the poor behavior that makes living with your dog difficult. You will learn a wide array of skills which will improve your mutual experience for the life of your pet.

7) Fun!  It’s just plain fun to learn to teach your companion new skills and behaviors that make living together more enjoyable for you both. It’s even more fun to watch your dog succeed!

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