10 Things to Hate About Dog Trainers

10 Things to Hate About Dog Trainers
Here comes the dog trainer again.  They are always asking if you did your homework.  They watch your every movement.  They get after you if you repeat your commands.  They expect you to have the timing of Matt Cameron, the drummer from Pearl Jam!  Well here are some more reasons not to like your dog trainer.

1)      He smells like a Ball Park hot dog

2)      He uses positive reinforcement on you and the dog

3)      He thinks clicker training should work on people too

4)      Your dog acts like a well-behaved angel …but only when he’s around are around

5)      He can get your dog to do…well just about anything

6)      He wants you to try the e-collar to see what it feels like

7)      You realize that positive reinforcement is working on you, as well as the dog

8)      If you do it his way, the dog will learn what you want…your way gets no results

9)      He knows your dog better than you do… after the first visit

10)   He knows how to motivate your dog, when all the dog wants to do with you is sleep

And just one more so they will get the point!

11)   He transformed your sleepy, lazy dog into a training phenom…just so he (the dog) can have the treats.

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