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Starting the Conversation

  Getting a new puppy can be one of the most exciting thing that we will have her do as humans. I’ve had the opportunity to do this several times throughout my life, and each time it has been uniquely different and a wonderful experience. There’s so many puppy kisses and so much cuteness involved, […]

Ask the Trainer – Excessive Barking Issues

  Are you having issues with excessive barking from your dog?  Well in this video I cover some of the different strategies I use to help people over come this annoying problem.   Here is a transcript of what I actually said: Hey everyone! It’s Al with Longoriahaus Dog Training, just coming back at you […]

Ask the Trainer – Puppy Biting issues

We recently received a question from Rachel about some puppy biting issues she was having with her 12 week old puppy. Here is her question to us: Hi, I have a 12 week old Labradoodle puppy (from a reputable breeder) who has an excellent temperament and is picking up some basic obedience very well, but […]

Pug licking the air

Stop Your Dogs Constant Licking

Every night at bed time, my male German Shepherd licks his bed until it is soaking wet.  Does your dog lick toys, the carpet or furniture?  Here are a few simple steps to correct this behavior. You will need the following equipment: A bait bag in which to place all the dogs’ food/treats. A clicker […]

The Best Ways to Teach Your Dog Not to Jump On Company

We have all been to someone’s house where the dogs jump on you the instant you walk through the door.  Maybe, it happens at your house?  Rest assured, you can train your dog to keep “four on the floor” and resist the urge to jump on anyone who “dares” enter your home. For this training, […]